Efficient operation of Zekkert water pumps guarantees spot-on engine running and precise performance of other crucial systems of a vehicle that depend on timely and sufficient supply of coolant.
The products features are:

  • Operational characteristics and reliability are comparable to those of original vehicle components. Development and manufacturing takes account of special features and technical parameters of the engines the finished products are intended for.
  • Maximum performance rates are calculated particularly for specific types of engines. Optimal coolant flow condition is achieved due to precise selection of water pump vane’s dimension-type as well as its high positioning on the axle.
  • Extended radial and axial load resistance is attained as a result of modern materials and technologies applied in production of bodies, axles, bearings, vanes and gaskets of the pumps.
  • High leak tightness. The main material of the axle gasket is graphite-carbon with ceramic coating, which features improved resistance to higher temperatures and mechanical loads. This assures specified leak tightness rate during the entire lifecycle.
  • Pump body material finish. Surface finish meets accuracy class 5 (integral quantity Ra = 0.4 micrometer (µm)) which prevents swirls, air bubbles and prerequisites for hydraulic shock.
  • Automated quality control both of separate units and of the completed product on every stage of the production cycle. Al the pumps produced are subjected to mandatory tightness tests and tests of performance and durability (vacuum and life time tests)
  • Details conform to the tight international standard specifications, which is confirmed with such certificates as DIN Norm EN 9001:2000 and ISO 9001 TUV.