Cable driving actuators are widely used in automobiles to control the mechanisms of the parking brake, clutch linkage and in some cases - for mechanical drive of the speedometer and remote control of the locks.

  • Balance between strength and flexibility – High-carbon steel is resistant to impact loads, cables made of it are characterized by high strength (tensile strength of the steel is 1700-1860 Mpa). In addition, the cables are laid of several steel rods, which are twisted together, this kind of structure increases flexibility.
  • Rust protection and wear resistance – Zekkert control cables are made of alloy carbon steel ss70. Silicon additive allows the steel to effectively resist corrosion (the cables pass 120 hours salt spray test), and manganese alloy along with a high content of carbon, increases the resistance to abrasion.
  • Low friction coefficient – For additional protection against metal friction, a plastic housing is installed between cover and cable, and the cables themselves are thoroughly lubricated by anti-wear components, which improve the sliding.