For the long-term and trouble free engine operation air of a high purity is required. Zekkert Air Filters provide it successfully. The German supplier of automobile spare parts and consumables offers new air filters, which have the following features:

  • Excellent air purification. The degree of air purification is 95.5%. Zekkert air filters provide a reliable barrier for the smallest dust and abrasive particles.
  • Made with high-quality filtering paper. High-quality filtering paper AHLSTROM traps particles of up to 8 micron in size, which guarantees high filtering efficiency within 20 000 km mileage.
  • Suitable for most cars. Range of filters offered by Zekkert covers most cars from the European, Japanese and Korean markets.
  • Robust form. Polyurethane sealing ensures a tight fit of the contact surfaces. Internal metal frame guarantees shape stability of the filter throughout its life cycle.
  • Filters work in real conditions. Zekkert air filters are resistant to high humidity and air pressure changes.
  • Passed factory inspection. During manufacturing process, every filter is thoroughly tested for work effectiveness.
  • Our filters save fuel. Unique structure of the filter element and low air-flow resistance (not more than 4.9 kPa) provides 5% fuel economy.