For long-term and trouble-free operation of the car engine, high-purity air is needed. Zekkert air filters successfully cope with this task. Zekkert GmbH – a German automotive spare parts supplier developed new filters that:

  • Perfectly clean the air. The degree of purification of the air mixture reaches 95-98%. Zekkert air filters create a reliable barrier against the tiny dust particles and microscopic grit.
  • Made of quality paper. High-quality 3M filter paper detains particles up to 8 microns in size, which guarantees high quality air purification up to 20,000 km run period.
  • Have a solid structure. Polyurethane gasket ensures a tight fit of the contact surfaces. The internal frame guarantees the preservation of the filter shape during the entire lifetime.
  • Suitable for wide range of car models. The assortment of Zekkert filters covers most of the car models on the European, Japanese and Korean markets, Zekkert also offers filters for American and Chinese cars.