Zekkert brake pads are one of the most important car elements, which give you confidence in any situation on the road.

  • Safety. Test results show that Zekkert Brake pads guarantee shorter braking path under any road conditions, demonstrating stable properties at intensive braking.
  • Strength. Adhesive bonding securely holds the friction material under high temperatures and humidity. Test results show that the strength of bond between the back plate and friction material is 8.4 Mpa.
  • Durability. Our brake pads save brake discs and have increased durability. At operation on different types of road surfaces its lifespan is 40 000 km.
  • Comfort. Zekkert brake pads allow smooth braking, suppress noise and do not squeal. 3-layer anti-noise shims effectively suppress noise made by a brake disc and a caliper. Additional lubrication and chamfers contribute to comfortable driving.
  • Easy to maintain. On vehicles with a wear sensor, electronic system will inform the driver in a timely manner when the Zekkert pads replacement is due. Wear indicators will help you to detect when it’s time to replace Zekkert brake pads with a noise, signaling the wear limit (less than 5 mm).
  • Environmentally friendly. Zekkert brake pads comply with ISO/TS 16949:2009 standard requirements for the OEM parts. Our friction formula does not contain asbestos, heavy metals and harmful chemical substances.