Side view mirrors

Side view mirrors are essential safety elements of a car, so if they break down, it is necessary to repair or replace them as soon as possible.

The Main advantages of Zekkert side view mirrors are:

  • A High-quality mirror coating. Provides a realistic display of objects and distances.
  • Fast and uniform heating. Heating elements have been applied to the entire inner surface of the mirror insert, thereby allowing the mirror to be heated to the required temperature in a minimum time without overheating it.
  • Moisture resistance and strength. Mirror housings and other elements are made of high-quality materials and unexposed to any physical impact or the ingress of moisture or road debris.
  • Full compliance with the original characteristics. During the manufacture, the dimensions and locations of the mirrors of a particular car are taken into consideration. Depending on the configuration, the design of the mirrors has all the necessary options:
        - aspherical zones,
        - anti-reflective coating,
        - folding and angle adjustment.
  • Strict compliance with European quality standards. All mirrors are certified and meet the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union. In addition, all products have a component type approval certificate in accordance with UNECE 46 (UN ECE R46).

Thus, when purchasing Zekkert mirrors, you can be sure that the product meets all the necessary visibility parameters: there are no "blind spots", or distortions in the shape or size of objects.