There is no compromise for us in matters of quality. We aim for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. So, it is our duty to maintain the highest standards in every delivery. In order to achieve this, the technical department and the quality control service closely monitor compliance with all technical requirements at each stage from loading to shipment of goods to our clients.

Zekkert quality is:

1) Development of details in accordance with OEM specifications;
2) The use of high-tech automated equipment;
3) Complex product quality control system;
4) Manufacturing in accordance with international quality standards ISO, EAC, ECE-R90.

In order to ensure the constant quality of the products offered, Zekkert uses a three-stage verification system:

1. Prior to production, materials undergo external control for compliance with the requirements.

2. During the product’s manufacturing process, its technical characteristics are tested on the production line. Later, it undergoes a more detailed analysis of relevant properties in the laboratories.

3. Before the product goes on sale, spare parts are randomly selected for inspection in the warehouse.

The three-stages of quality control are the key to brand stability!