The expansion tank is an integral part of the engine cooling system.

The main advantages of Zekkert expansion tanks are:

Hot automatic welding

All expansion tanks are soldered automatically with continuous monitoring of the process parameters to ensure the most durable connection of the tank components.

Tightness guaranteed

Tanks are made of high-quality material that conforms well to the OEM parts. The wall thickness is from 3 to 4 mm, which guarantees the preservation of tightness/long-lasting durability at operating pressure from -40 to +120 degrees C.

Reinforced fittings

Fittings for connecting hoses and pipes have metal bushings, if necessary, that prevent damage to the plastic when tightening the clamps.

Quality control

The company uses a quality management system according to the IATF16949 standard.The test laboratory is equipped with high-tech electronic equipment.
100% pressurizing

Each tank is pressurized after soldering. There are a number of additional selective tests for each batch of goods, the most significant tests are:

100% Leakage test

The Leakage test is carried out by applying an air pressure of 200 kPa into the tank, while the tank is completely immersed in water.

Tanks are tested for burst by liquid pressure of 600 kPa.

Cyclic tests are carried out with pressure injection and pressure relief from 0 to 120 kPa at a temperature of 100 degrees C.

There is also a temperature test which includes heating and cooling of the tank from -30 to + 110 degrees C within 72 hours.

The expansion tank helps balance the engine cooling system. The minimal expansion pressure of the heating fluid in the system helps to mitigate the hydraulic shock of the cooling fluid, protect the cooling system from overloading and prevent the appearance of air plugs when there is insufficient liquid in the cooling system.

Thus, by purchasing Zekkert expansion tanks, you get a high-quality product that matches all the parameters of the original part.