Oil filters supplied the German company Zekkert are:

  • AHLSTROM PAPER GROUP filter paper. The filter unit made of thick paper has a high degree of screening and effectively retains monodisperse abrasive particles and mechanical impurities up to 33 μm with a purification rate up to 99%.
  • Special metal forming technology. The use of cold rolled steel from Posco and the malleable metal stretching technology, helps to produce metal body without any defects.
  • Rust protection. Polymer powder coating protects the exterior from rust and corrosive environments.
  • O-rings made of NBR rubber. High-molecular elastic composition ensures sealing capacity of the joint at the temperature from -50°C to + 150°C.
  • Strict production control. All Zekkert oil filters undergo 100% leakage test. This excludes delivery of substandard products to the consumer.
  • Compliance with international standards. Zekkert oil filters have been successfully tested and certified according to the international standards ISO / TS16949.