Condensers are intended for refrigerant evaporation and air-cooling inside the cabin of a vehicle.

  • Optimized construction – radiator core consists of a multitude of special profile pipes with internal partition to ensure even filling of the entire pipe with the refrigerant;
  • Withstand significant pressure of the refrigerant (up to 25 bar.);
  • Provide intense heat sink – special shape of condenser fins increase contact area in soldered joints and contributes to more intense fin blow-off to ensure better heat dissipation;
  • High quality – 100% of the products are monitored for absence of leakage on the final stage of manufacturing;
  • Significant operational life – to produce the condensers Zekkert uses contemporary materials and welding technologies, making sure flawless operation and absence of leakages over extended period of vehicle use;
  • Full conformity with OEM parameters.