Road dust and air polluted highways can present serious danger to the human health. Air pollution accumulates in car salons and the concentration of harmful substances and gases there even exceeds the street indicators. Products from the German company Zekkert solve this problem.

The advantages of the Zekkert Cabin filters:

  • Components from the leading suppliers. To make filtering elements we use only modern raw materials produced by 3M and AHLSTROM, which guarantee the preservation of all the technical characteristics during the entire lifespan.
  • Composite material from 3M. Filtering element, based on nylon and cotton materials, provides a complete purification of the air entering the vehicle. Cleaning efficiency of mechanical particles is more than 98%!
  • Taking care of your health. Zekkert cabin filters are capable of holding plant pollen, road and tire dust particles of up to 8 micron in size, and charcoal filters – up to 1 micron in size.
  • Fresh air in the cabin of your car. Cabin filters effectively separate carbon monoxide, benzene, toluene, ozone, diesel fume and other products of combustion.
  • High performance. Due to the low aerodynamic resistance Zekkert products filters a significant amount of air and provides an excellent ventilation.
  • Long life. The application of non-woven synthetic material and charcoal filters allows you to change filter less often. Zekkert Cabin Filters gently care about the driver’s and passenger’s health during 15 000 km.