Fuel filters from the German company Zekkert have high technical and operational characteristics.

  • Filtration coefficient is over 99%. Zekkert uses the original AHLSTROM paper to produce the filter element, this paper captures impurities and tramp particles of 30-40 microns in diesel, 45-55 microns in gasoline engines.
  • Safe sealed housing. Each Zekkert fuel filter is tested for leakage. It completely excludes chance of leaking gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • Operationally reliable. Zekkert filters provide reliable and flawless fuel purification for 30 000-50 000 km.
  • Effective water separation. Special design makes the degree of water impurities cleaning up to 93% for diesel engine cars filters.
  • Widespread application. Zekkert Fuel filters are suitable for European, Japanese, Korean, American and Chinese cars and trucks, buses and special vehicles, equipped with modern gasoline and diesel engines.